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Order number F 100 207
Neubeurer Christmas Singing
Cover Neubeurer Weihnachtssingen

Price EUR 14,50

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Choral and instrumental music by the
Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern

Conducted by
Enoch zu Guttenberg
Recorded at FARAO Studios, in Februrary 2008

(German, English)
· text
Traditional Advent and Christmas carols enjoy a special status within the musical accompaniment of Christmas. Here, a combination of folk and sophisticated music, such as the Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern has been practicing for decades, offers an ideal constellation. Even though its repertoire, featuring works from Early Baroque to the 20th century, is highly successful at home and abroad, the choir, founded in 1967 by Enoch zu Guttenberg, and its over 100 members stay true to their roots and preserve the custom of alpine Christmas carols.

With the new album Weihnachtssingen, the Neubeurer present a high level of musical diversity and talent. Apart from the choral works, they perform vocal duets and trios, music for strings and clarinets, as well as harp solos.

The particular, very special interpretation of the traditional songs from Bavaria, Tyrol, Salzburg, and Styria is what gives the Chorgemeinschaft that distinctive acoustic colour. They don’t merely sing because of the beautiful sounds, but rather because making music is a matter close to their heart. And the listener can sense it! This is their secret of over 40 years of success.


Lasst uns heut vor Freuden singen
Andante aus der Sammlung Horak
Vor mir brauchst di net fürchtn
Menuett aus Weißenbach
Es hat der Kaiser Augustus
Zwei Menuette von Weinmüller
Maria wollte wandern
Gegrüßt seist du, o Maria
O edle, liebreiche, herzguldene Nacht
Es mag net finster werdn
Jetzt fangen wir zum Singen an
Achtaler Walzer
Auf, auf, es kommt der Tag
Frohlocket, ihr Menschen
Bayrisch Polka mit a-Moll
Es hat sich halt eröffnet
Boarischer "Der Dritte"
Es wird scho glei dumpa
Da drinnen im Stalle
Schlaf wohl, du Himmelsknabe du
Still, still, weils Kindlein schlafen will
Landler in "G"
Was is des zum Plunda
Alpbacher Boarischer
Lippei sollst gschwind aufstehn
Auf, auf, es is scho Tag
Feierabend Landler
Die heilign drei König san hochgeborn
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"…Some of these alpine Christmas carols have long since been marketed as vocal folklore. Guttenberg and his choir are able to restore the folk musical nativeness of these all-too familiar tunes…"
Wiesbadener Tagblatt