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Tango Gift
Cover Tango Gift


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Anja Lechner, cello
Peter Ludwig, piano
Recorded live at the Münchner Lustspielhaus, 1997

· introduction by Peter Ludwig
· biographies
"Is the tango really so deeply mournful the way we like to think it is, or is it a kind of calculated pride which makes a lover out of feelings of melancholy, in order to break the heart of the listener?  Is it absolutely necessary to understand the origins of the tango to be able to play it?  It's just there, invented for us to become its slave and nothing else; it's there so that we can't imagine going on living without it.  If you really want to learn anything about the tango, then you've got to play it, dance it, or listen to it, or compose it."

(Temporarily available only in German)

Wenn ich durch die Flügeltüren, Tische voller Gläser, einzelne Menschen in den Nischen, in Gespräche vertieft, heruntergeflatterte Programme, Rauch, leere Champagnerflaschen hinter mir lasse, weiß ich, daß ich mit niemandem tauschen möchte.
Peter Ludwig

Tangos by Peter Ludwig

Compositions for cello and piano:

Rue J.P.Timbaud
Tango d'un Rêve
Tango Passion
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