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Order number B 108 068
PentAnemos: What can be the reason?
Brahms, Ligeti, Koechlin: Horntrios


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Paul Taffanel (1844–1908)
Quintette pour instruments à vent

Henri Tomasi (1901–1971)
Cinq danses profanes et sacrées

Darius Milhaud (1892–1974)
La cheminée du roi René op. 205

Sascha Lino Lemke (*1976)

Esquisses fumeuses en Rondeau chantillais

Luciano Berio (1925–2003)

Opus Number Zoo—Children’s play for wind quintet

Recorded at the Old sawmill Seeshaupt (Bavaria, Germany), September 2011

(German, English)
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PentAnemos Wind Quintet is made up of:

Hanna Petermann
, flute
Dirk Kammerer, oboe
Claudia Sautter, clarinet
Christian Loferer, horn
Susanne von Hayn, bassoon

"What can be the reason?"

"When putting together one’s debut CD, the question that quickly comes up is what pieces to record. What we wanted to do was to present very high quality works which were rarely played, but which at the same time would enable us to accentuate the strong points of our ensemble.

It was for these reasons that we decided that the key aspect of the recording should be works by French composers, especially since in recent years we have successfully taken part in competitions in France. In doing so we got to know and appreciate the works of Henri Tomasi, and were also able to incorporate into our repertoire Paul Taffanel’s best know piece, his wind quintet, with all its operatic verve. Whilst looking for further rarely played French wind quintet literature, we came across Darius Milhaud’s "La cheminée du roi René." Originally composed as music for the film "Cavalcade d’amour", this piece is regarded today as Milhaud’s best known and most popular wind quintet.

In the final round of the City of Lyon international competition for chamber music, we were awarded a special prize for best program. For this very purpose we had commissioned the young German composer Sascha Lino Lemke (who studied at the Paris Conservatoire) to write a piece. Sascha took his inspiration for the piece from an old French chanson. After such a successful world première we’re really looking forward to recording it for the first time.

Luciano Berio’s "Opus Number Zoo" numbers among the best know works for wind quintet and although it was only composed in 1951/1970, it can confidently be considered as being a "classic" of its genre. This setting of four poems by the American poet Rhoda Levine provides a diversified correlation to the previous pieces, which means that with this program we can offer listeners a multilayered cross-section of 20th century wind quintet literature."

Rhoda Levine’s poem is read by each of the artists in their own regional dialects: plattdeutsch (Low German), badisch (the Baden-Württemberg region), oberbayerisch (Upper Bavarian) and oberfränkisch (Upper Frankonian).

In the second verse the horse is lamenting about the human who is destroying the earth: "What madness, what madness of men to diminish the earth, to blast all that is lively, lively proud and gentle. What can be the reason?"
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"… with the musicians on an equal level with each other, the young wind players passed around themes, subsidiary themes, garlands and fragments of rhythm among each other, like a juggling act: technically brilliant, precise and with great musical savvy. …"
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 28.10.11