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Order number B 108 007
Hugo Wolf: Mörike Lieder, Vol. 1
Cover Moerike Lieder


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Dietrich Henschel, baritone
Fritz Schwinghammer, piano
Recorded at FARAO Studios, 1999

(German, English)
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The gulf of contemplation, the magic of love, the soul stirred up by nature, - the lines Mörikes uses, to clothe romantic ciphers in the strict form of a sonnet speak with a passionately glowing fire.
Spiritual devotion to an idea, - be it the idea of a woman worshipped, ("An die Geliebte"), the image of a god meditated upon ("Auf ein altes Bild"); be it merely the vision of the tender spirit of a butterfly, the notion of a flower's scent ("An die Christblume"), one encounters in Mörike's poems a world of thought which shows great similarity to the idea of exalted love in the middle ages.
The language he uses is in a subtle way, the vehicle of aesthetics which are deep in sensitivity, exaggerating in introspectiveness and enriching through use of fantastic images.
The fantastic, the self immersion into the "gulf of contemplation" finds its counterpart and an exaggeration bordering on mania.
Wolf's Möriker Lieder represent solitude, oversensitive and tense existence, loneliness and remoteness, but also the erotic spiritualisation, so to speak, of a romantic minnesinger.

Songs after poems by Eduard Mörike


An eine Christblume I
An eine Christblume II
Zum neuen Jahr
Neue Liebe
Wo find ich Trost
Schlafendes Jesuskind
Auf ein altes Bild
Der Genesene an die Hoffnung
Auf einer Wanderung
Frage und Antwort
Lebe wohl
Im Frühling
Um Mitternacht
An den Schlaf
Peregrina I
Peregrina II
An die Geliebte
Denk es, o Seele
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"Juvenile agony […] Henschel gains a differentiated access to most of the songs. Together with his accompanist Fritz Schwinghammer, he submerges into their cosmos. For instance: While in "Karwoche" the birds’ twittering blends into the muffled chime of bells, Henschel lets his linear voice fly with an outrageous effortlessness, where only moments before he spread a very sombre atmosphere. And when he sings about the happily playing baby Jesus (‘Auf ein altes Bild’), he hits the naïve note of the lyrics perfectly. This is probably the trick when it comes to Wolf’s songs by Möricke: To walk the thin line between empathy and distance […]"
Kieler Nachrichten, ost, 16.12.99

"Wolf at his highest level[…] This CD presents an interpretation that meets very high standards."
klassik.com, Katharina Rosenkranz, 13.02.03

"[…] an active designer (Henschel), a narrator with a lot of vocal imagination, ever looking for new colours and shades, always phrasing in a very musical way, unsentimental even in the extreme passages of Mörike’s highly artificial inwardness." Amadeo, Stephan Mösch, 2/99

"[…] An ambitious as well as personal business card […] he always goes all out with his interpretations […]"
Kieler Nachrichten, ost, 16.12.99