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Mendelssohn & friends*
Mendelssohn & friends


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Mendelssohn & friends*
Sax Allemande

Sax Allemande:

Frank Schüssler, soprano and alto saxophone
Arend Hastedt, alto and tenor saxophone
Markus Maier, baritone saxophone


Kirill Troussov, violin
Wen-Sinn Yang, cello
Eric Terwilliger, horn

Andrea Maria Schenkel
, short mystery story
Recorded at the Old sawmill Seeshaupt (Bavaria, Germany), June 2012

· Introduction by Sax
· Short mystery story
  by Andrea Maria

22 'Songs without Words' by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.
For saxophone trio with/without guests and a short mystery story by Andrea Maria Schenkel.

Songs without Words op. 38,3; 30,4; 62/1; 19,5; 62,5; 102,3; 53,1; 102,5; 30,6; 85,3; 85,2; 67,2; 19,3; 67,6; 67,4; 30,3; 38,2; 19,2; 67,1; 30,5; 19,6; 62,6 – Arrangements by Sax Allemande and Margarita Oganesjan

„… For me, language is music. I find that its sound, its melody and also its rhythm are always on an equal plane with the plot of a story. I would say the mystery story is very musical.
It was a real lot of fun working on it, and we think that the text and music complement each other very well, while each still retains its individuality. This was very important to us from the outset...”
Andrea Maria Schenkel


The piano pieces by Felix Mendelssohn that have become famous under the name 'Songs without Words' were written during a time we know as the Romantic era, with its emphasis on emotion, passion and individual experience. Mendelssohn would seem to have struck a chord particularly in the enthusiastic, and sometimes tormented, souls of the ladies of this time, as they were the ones mainly responsible for the pieces' overwhelming commercial success.

In the present chamber-music arrangements with saxophones, these piano pieces take on an added charge of deep emotion and personal expression.
The period of their composition (1830-1845) coincides with that of the invention of the saxophone in 1840. The time thus seems to have been ripe for the birth of an instrument whose “varied beauty in its different expressive possibilities – sometimes deep and calm, sometimes passionate, dreamy and melancholy” immediately filled famous composers such as Hector Berlioz with enthusiasm.

Renowned soloists, all lovers of Mendelssohn's music, have responded to the invitation from Sax Allemande to take on solo parts in several 'Songs'. As well as creating additional variety, the guest instruments – violin, cello and horn – further enhance the vivid delineation of character in these works.

And what at first looked like a quirky idea, an imaginative and provocative reaction to the indication “... without words”, in the end became a special highlight:
Andrea Maria Schenkel (“Tannöd”), inspired by a sample from the recording, uses words redolent of Mendelssohn's time to evoke, with great psychological insight, the emotions and states of mind typical of bourgeois society back then. The gradual unfolding of the mystery and its surprising conclusion are both characteristic of a “true” Schenkel crime story.
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"… The arrangements again give the works more life and feeling, and they sound as though they were originally written for this combination of instruments […]. The disc is a wonderful argument for more attention to be paid to the classical saxophone."
Audiophile Audition, John Sunier, June 12, 2014