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Order number B 108 035
Johann Sebastian Bach: St. Matthew Passion
Cover J.S.Bach Matthäuspassion

3CD-box in a slipcase
& Bonus-CD
(Enoch zu Guttenberg talks about Matthäuspassion in German)
Price EUR 36,00

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Order number B 108 050
Johann Sebastian Bach: St. Matthew Passion
Cover J.S.Bach Matthäuspassion
Logo DVD-Audio This DVD-Audio shows photos along with the music - but no film!
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2DVD-Audio-box in a slipcase
& Bonus-CD
(Enoch zu Guttenberg talks about Matthäuspassion in German)
Price EUR 36,00

Marcus Ullmann, tenor
Klaus Mertens
, baritone
Anna Korondi
, soprano
Anke Vondung
, alto
Werner Güra
, tenor
H. Christoph Begemann
, bass-baritone

KlangVerwaltung Orchestra
Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern

Enoch zu Guttenberg
Recorded July 2003

(German, English, French)
· Interview with Enoch zu Guttenberg
· libretto
· biographies
(Temporarily available only in German)

Nach den überaus erfolgreichen Produktionen des "Weihnachtsoratoriums"
und der "Schöpfung" produzierte FARAO classics mit Enoch zu Guttenberg, dem Orchester der KlangVerwaltung und der Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern, von J.S. Bach die Matthäuspassion.

Dieses zentrale Werk im Schaffen Bachs ist für Enoch zu Guttenberg und seine Ensembles höchste Sinnhaftigkeit, Mittelpunkt und Ziel des gesamten künstlerischen Werdegangs.

Nach vielen Jahren der Erfahrung und Entwicklung an diesem Höhepunkt der Musikgeschichte, verwirklicht er eine Darstellung von reifer Erkenntnis dieses Werkes, die als Quintessenz seines bisherigen Schaffens zu verstehen ist.
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*Shipment costs EUR 3,90 (worldwide)
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Recommended from klassik.com

"… Purchasers of the new FARAO set will be acquiring an interpretation that should prove challenging and rewarding for years to come… The soloists are all excellent. … All sing with a directness of approach and freshness of timbre that is just right… With nearly 40 versions of the St. Matthew Passion currently available, it is hard to see the need for another recording, yet this new account is certainly attractive enough to be numbered among the best of those that use conventional modern instruments and show deep understanding of period-performance practice. …"
International Record Review

"There has never been such precise creativity, such diversity in the sound of divine suffering."
Frankfurter Rundschau

"Anybody who is interested in the music of J.S. Bach should listen to this recording!"

" …A magic moment of musical interpretation!"
South West German radio

"Guttenberg's interpretation becomes a veritable church service. The mood is comtemplative, and the chorus is majestic. All is brought off most dramatically."

"This recording really gives you gooseflesh and inspires the listener to a kind of compassion motivted by piety."
Financial Times Germany

"The Real Top 10 Bach Recordings ... The coup of Guttenberg’s interpretation of the Matthew Passion is that he elevates—or rather: uncovers and restores—the climax of Matthew’s gospel as the highpoint of Bach’s work. It’s often missed because it is so short, but it’s unmissable in the story. It is at Matthew 27:54 and part 63b (NBA) in Bach, at the end of the crucifixion scene. Witnessing the gruesome death of Jesus and the ensuing earthquake, the heathen Roman executioners and their captain (of all people) are the first non-disciples to grasp the meaning of what has happened before them, and thus the beginning of Christendom. Their hearts change and they acknowledge (“Due chori in unisono”): “Truly… truly: this was the Son of God.” Notably, it’s the only time Bach lets both choirs sing unisono. Two bars, not even 20 notes – but here elevated to the pinnacle of the whole work. Forty (!) seconds so intense, so heartfelt, so earnestly passionate, that absolutely without fail I tear up every time I hear it. Reason enough to make it my top choice."
Forbes, Jens F. Laurson, Nov 25, 2015