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Order number B 108 058
Anna Malikova plays Tchaikovsky
Unfinished Piano Sonatas


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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky:

Concert suite from the ballet
"The Sleeping Beauty" op. 66
arranged for Piano by Mikhail Pletnev

The Children‘s Album op. 39
Original score for Piano Solo

Concert suite from the ballet
"The Nutcracker" op. 71
arranged for Piano by Mikhail Pletnev

Anna Malikova, piano
Recorded: Campus 44, Krefeld-Fichtenhain,
August 2009

(German, English)
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· biography
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s body of work contains a considerable number of piano pieces, but only a few of these are included in pianists’ regular repertoires. People are mostly only aware of the composer for his symphonies, instrumental concertos, operas and above all his ballets.

"Sleeping Beauty" and "The Nutcracker"are counted among his great classics. With enchanting melodies, drama, richness of colour, - music to pull your heart strings, his mastery of music is unsurpassed. Musical gems such as these have repeatedly inspired arrangements. Probably the best known piano arrangements are the Concert Suites by Mikhail Pletnev. This pianist, conductor and composer had a weakness for romantic and Russian music, and he contributed to the repertoire with his own piano arrangements and transcriptions.

Anna Malikova: "When I discovered these two concert suites by Mikhail Pletnev, I was hooked. Pletnev managed to create highly virtuoso, cultured and original versions of these two ballets. Both suites are marked by brilliance, virtuosity, and a great sense of the technical possibilities of the piano. And since these immortal classics of ballet are enchanting to children both young and old, it seemed the obvious choice to couple them with the rarely played 24 pieces from the ‘Album for Children’."

Anna Malikova, who comes from Uzbekistan and studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, is an ideal exponent of Russian music of the 19th century. Through her exemplary technique, which even in the most complex of passages allows her playing to ripple like pearls, the Concert Suites take on the highest degree of brilliance and sincerity. Ms Malikova has found the natural flow of the music, and eschewing any extroverted display, treats us to both technical bravura and keen vitality with impressive elegance. This is her contribution to a symbiosis of Russian music.

Concert suite from the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty" op. 66
arr. Mikhail Pletnev

01. Prologue
02. Dance of the Page Boys
03. Vision
04. Andante
05. The Fairy of Silver
06. Puss-in-Boots and the White Cat
07. Gavotte
08. The Twittering Canary
09. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
10. Adagio
11. Finale

The Children‘s Album op. 39

12. Morning Prayer
13. Winter Morning
14. Hobby-Horses
15. Mama
16. The Toy Soldier‘s March
17. Dolly Is Ill
18. Dolly‘s Funeral
19. Waltz
20. The New Doll
21. Mazurka
22. Russian Song
23. A Farmer Playing the Harmonica
24. Kamarinskaya
25. Polka
26. Italian Song
27. Old French Song
28. German Song
29. Neapolitan Song
30. Nanny‘s Story
31. Baba Yaga the Witch
32. Sweet Reverie
33. Lark Song
34. The Organ-Grinder Sings
35. In Church

Concert suite from the ballet "The Nutcracker" op. 71
arr. Mikhail Pletnev

36. March
37. Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy
38. Tarantella
39. Intermezzo
40. Trepak (Russian Dance)
41. Chinese Dance
42. Andante maestoso
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