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Amour Fou, Tango à trois
Cover Amour Fou


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Tango à trois

Arben Spahiu, violin
Concertmaster of the Bavarian State Orchestra

Peter Wöpke, cello
Principal Cellist of the Bavarian State Orchestra

Peter Ludwig, piano
Pianist, composer and arranger, founder of "Tango Mortale"
Recorded at FARAO Studios, May 2008

(German, English)
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After their successful debut CD Café Banlieue, the trio Tango à trois starts into the second round, full of passion and highly concentrated, with expressiveness and sensuality. The result is the album Amour fou.

Peter Ludwig is obsessed with tango. He is relentlessly searching for familiar and exotic sounds. After over three decades of tango passion, he is still full of creative ideas, keeps finding fresh forms of expression and always gives his works an illustrative character. His great enthusiasm for performing with his two partners is directly transmitted to the audience.

Arben Spahiu has tango in his veins. He plays like somebody who has grown up with tango.
Peter Wöpke knows how to shine with his cello’s versatility. The three artists inspire each other and present their music with great seriousness and even greater enthusiasm.

The latest CD fascinates with features such as different rhythms, foreign influences apart from the tango, jazzy ballads, dreamy, nostalgic music, in reminiscence of the Viennese melancholy and Parisian world-weariness. There’s always a hint of South America. A kaleidoscope of sound telling stories about life, lust and blazing passion, about tears and laughter.

Tangos by Peter Ludwig


BERLIN is dedicated to Peter Wöpke. …

CAT tries to capture the feline features that cats and men display, when they are excited. …

CAPVERDEN is named after the islands of Cap Verde, which I only know from narratives. …

BAR ANDALÚ is a memory of a bar in Madrid of the same name. It is about the bullfighter’s loneliness, his courage, his dream, and his end. …

GARE DE L’EST, the east station of Paris at the crack of dawn. …

ROSSIO is the story of a man in love, who sits in Café Nicola, waiting for his great love while gazing upon the Rossio…

TANGO ZIZIM. I derived that name from a small street in a small French town. …

VEUVE CLICQUOT is not only a champagne…

VALSE DRAMATIQUE. It’s all in the name!

SÉPARÉE reminds me of my encounter with a woman whose language I didn’t speak and who didn’t understand mine. …

ZIRKUS is our encore. …

AMOUR FOU. Peter shook his head in disbelief after he had played it for the first time. "How can anyone write a piece like this these days?" …

TIMBAUD TANGO owes its name to the Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud. This man was part of the Résistance and died for his beliefs. …

MISS YOU is, a ballad that could also be heard in a jazz club. Arben loves it dearly…
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"... Ludwig’s tango style is modern and seems one step away from the Argentinean original; there is a European influence here which adds an extra dimension to the music. The trio performs with a sense of enjoyment and real flair. The playing is excellent throughout, and there is an strong sense of ensemble, as though this is one performer with three instrumental colours. The music itself is highly enjoyable and refreshing. There is a feeling that these musicians have created quality music which they care deeply about, but that they don’t take themselves too seriously. This is not stuffy concert hall music; this is music to be experienced and enjoyed by the man in the street, ideally to be stumbled upon and then remembered. It does not over-intellectualize or over-sentimentalize; the balance is just right between the carefully considered compositional process and the enjoyment of its presentation. There is a warmth in the ensemble’s sound that I will remember for some time."
Musicweb-international.com, Carla Rees, 2009

"…The passion that the three top-class musicians put into their performance became evident in their physical exertion: They seemed to be dancing in a sitting position, playing their instruments with an amazing sense for timing… With his compositions, Ludwig opens up tango for all kinds of music styles, such as new music and jazz, which is something he has in common with the creator of Tango Nuevo, Astor Piazzolla."
Süddeutsche Zeitung