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Bläsersolisten der KlangVerwaltung
(The Principal Wind Players of the KlangVerwaltung)
Bläsersolisten der KlangVerwaltung

B108063   B 108 063
W. A. Mozart: Gran Partita, Nacht Musique
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The orchestra KlangVerwaltung was founded in 1997 by violinists Andreas Reiner and Josef Kröner. The orchestra’s aim was and still is the adequate realisation of the musically extraordinary conceptions of conductor Enoch zu Guttenberg.

A number of regular musicians from leading symphony and opera orchestras (Vienna, Berlin, Munich Philharmonic, Concertgebouw Amsterdam to name just a few) organise project-related meetings in order to rehearse new as well as well-known pieces from the big repertoire and find new ways of interpreting it.

When talking of an orchestra such as the KlangVerwaltung, the term Principal wind player is almost self-explanatory. Whether they are dealing with the arias in the oratorios of J. S. Bach, the four floating wind instruments over the pulsating beginning of Mozart’s Requiem, the narrative solo passages in the symphonies of L. v. Beethoven or the homogenous sound of the wind instruments in the symphonies of A. Bruckner, these and other pieces in the repertoire of the KlangVerwaltung orchestra have over many years led the principal wind players to develop from their sharing of artistic responsibilities a relationship of trusted friendship. That is why the idea of conveying this to a chamber music ensemble of the same quality was only a logical consequence.