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From first ideas to success

FARAO classics was founded a decade ago with the idea of shifting the artistic process of making a recording of music, from the planning stages, through the actual recording, editing and mixing right up to releasing the recording, completely into the hands of musicians.
Having as our aim the creation of a unique recording with its own artistic personality, we pay no regard to any chances of shortlived commercial success, or marketing schemes.
Rather, at the start of every new recording venture, there is one basic question: Is there a compelling reason why the recording should be made?
The advantages of being an independent recoding company can also be seen in the areas of marketing and publicity – short channels, personal commitment and passion for the product.

At home in Munich, recognised all over the world
Top rank artists, exciting projects and performances, excellent sound quality and elaborate presentation and packaging of the finished product have caused quite a stir with both press and public alike. Consequently our recordings have become part of the scene in record shops throughout the world and are available in all major foreign countries.

Listening enjoyment in Surround Sound –
Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc | SACD

Exceptional sound quality on our recordings has always been one of the most important aims of FARAO classics. Being able to listen to music away from the opera house or the concert hall, and yet still enjoying musical authenticity and brilliance of sound has always been our norm. Now the dream of allowing the listener at home to experience stunningly real sound, has become reality – 5.0 Surround!

With their ability to reproduce music in a three dimensional way, the high-resolution Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc and SACD embody a new dimension in listening. Assuming listeners have a suitable Surround sound system, they will feel they are right in the middle of the audience, and will enjoy the music as a far more graphic experience than had ever been possible before! CD sound quality is also surpassed by far, due to the higher digital resolution.
Reviews (available only in German)
Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc
Due to the high memory capacity of the Blu-ray Disc (BD in short) it is now possible to save the sound without any loss, which means that the recording can be reproduced in full and high-res studio quality. What you hear conforms to the master recording!
The Blu-ray Disc is compatible with the sound formats of the next generation: Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD and the original LPCM. FARAO classics produces in stereo (LPCM 96 kHz/24bit) and the surround format 5.0 (DTS-HD 96 kHz/24bit).
Another crucial advantage is the capacity of the Blu-ray Disc, which is much higher. Apart from many hours of music recordings in high-res stereo or surround formats, the medium can contain filmed interviews with the artists in HD quality as well as some bonus material.
However, as the labelling implies, a Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc does not contain film material of the concert or the studio recording.
The Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc can be played like a CD without switching on the TV. You chose the sound track, either stereo LPCM or 5.0 DTS-HD, by pressing the coloured buttons on the remote control of your Blu-ray player. Particular titles may be chosen by pressing the number buttons. The visual options (screen menu) may be used if you like to do so.

SACD-hybrids can be played both on CD players (in CD quality) and SACD players (with high-definition in stereo or multi-channel sound.)
This compatibility means that buying SACDs still makes sense, even if the listener is not going to buy the relevant equipment for a while yet.

Music to hear and see – DVD-Video
With the DVD Videos of "Orphée et Eurydice" and "Rodelinda" we have been treading new ground – film.
Whilst the listener follows the production and the artists by watching them on the screen, the surround sound, synched with the video, will give him or her the illusion of actually being in the opera house or concert hall.
In 2005, for "Rodelinda", we were awarded the German Record Critics’ Price.

We hope you enjoy listening to our recordings!

Andreas Caemmerer and Felix Gargerle
Further information on our recording facilities you will find at:

Felix Gargerle and Andreas Caemmerer
with Zubin Mehta

A. Caemmerer, F. Gargerle with Zubin Mehta