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Farlibt - Jewish Love Songs, Gefilte Fish
Farlibt, Jewish Love Songs

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Gefilte Fish:

Andrea Giani
, vocal
Joe Rappaport, violin
Vlad Cojocaru, accordion
Roman Chowdhury, guitar
Tobias Schwartz, contrabass
Recorded at FARAO Studios, February 2009

(German, English)
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"There are so many books in the world, but none of them can describe what I feel for you. … Let me hear you say it once more – tell me, you gotta crush on me…"

In the new program performed by Gefilte Fish everything revolves around love and happiness: If and how you can find both, what really makes you happy and what it feels like to be in love.

The songs tell of dark eyes, throbbing hearts, a singing nightingale and a night filled with the scent of roses, but also about the darker aspects of love which weigh so heavily on the heart. At the same time it’s not just about passionate love. Anyone dealing with love can show it in many different ways: the love of God, of one’s parents and family, loving one’s neighbor, as well as one’s self.

The five musicians of Gefilte Fish are crossing cultural borders again: from the old world of the European Schtetl – the small Jewish towns or villages of eastern Europe, and the Spanish Sepharad, to the new world, the new age, to America and Israel.

" One could play the same songs in a completely different way", Andrea Giani the female vocalist of the quintet explains, "because the pieces which have been handed down to us contain only a melody, the text, and a chord chart." It’s up to the artists themselves, how they put life in them. The experiences of each member of the band, both personal and musical, flow together in cooperation with each other. Thus, arrangements come about, custom made, as it were, each stamped with the sensually melancholic and poetic accents and identity of each of the performers, which can be sensed in every bar of music.
The songs are sung in Yiddish, Ladino and Hebrew.

"Gefilte Fish" is a Jewish dish for high days and holidays, for which there are as many recipes as there are cooks. It is also a musical entertainment, a feast for the ears: "Farlibt" (in love) – an album full of heart and soul, and emotion.


01 Ich wel es her´n noch amol
02 Wo nemt men a bissele massel
03 Oj, mame, bin ich farlibt!
04 Kandels Hora / Lebedech un Frejlach
05 Chorshat ha´ekaliptus
06 Erev shel shoshanim
07 Sog farwos
08 Nechumele
09 Ojfn weg shtejt a bojm
10 Chtsos – Midnight Prayer
11 Dos gesang fun mejn harz
12 Los Bilbilicos
13 Cuando veo hija hermoza
14 Ose shalom
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"… They’re wonderful love songs […] Giani’s connection with the texts is palpable. … Strongly recommended, this album offers a range of types from the repertory of Jewish song, beautifully rendered."
www.allmusic.com, James Manheim, 2010

"… The songs are sung in Yiddish, Ladino and Hebrew, and performances are of the highest artistic standards. To say that the singing and playing overflow with soulful emotion is an understatement. A sumptuous album that should enthrall and fascinate not only those who have such repertoire at heart, but also those who enjoy foraging into rare musical territories. Sound and presentation are first rate. …"
www.classical.net, Gerald Fenech, May 2010

"When the joy of love is painful […] a stirring concert performance, which has the audience wallowing in the passionate music and the realization that in sorrow one can both cry and laugh."
Süddeutsche Zeitung