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Gefilte Fish
Gefilte Fish

W109057   W 109 057
Farlibt - Jewish Love Songs, Gefilte Fish
W109019   W 109 019
Sol Sejn - Jiddische Lieder, Gefilte Fish
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Gefilte Fish is not only one of the most popular Jewish Holiday culinary specialities, it is also a group of musicians from various countries who have dedicated themselves to the songs and melodies of the Jews of Europe. The arrangements of the Band, the harmonies, the part-writing and the solos, give their repertoire a quite individual sound and are imbued with the personal and musical backgrounds of each member.

Gefilte Fish was founded by Joe Rappaport, Roman Chowdhury, Tobias Schwartz and Vivian Kanner, 1999 in Munich. Their first CD was recorded in 2002. At the end of that year, Vivian Kanner moved to Berlin and Andrea Giani became the new voice of the Band. Shortly afterwards, Angeliki Koufou replaced the Bandoneon-player Roberto Russo. In this configuration, the CD "Sol Sejn" was recorded for FARAO classics. Vlad Cojacaru took over on the accordion in 2007.
Andrea Giani Andrea Giani (vocals),
born in Cologne, singer and concert pianist. Teaches singing at the Bavarian Theatre Academy in Munich. She also sings a range of repertoire including French and German Chansons, Jazz standards and her own compositions.
Joe Rappaport Joe Rappaport (violin),
born in London, studied violin and Chamber Music at the Royal Academy of Music and Vienna Conservatoire. He is a founder-member of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe. Wide-ranging professional experience and musical interests feed the reservoir of ideas from which his arrangements and compositions for "Gefilte Fish" flow.
Vlad Cojocaru Vlad Cojocaru (accordion),
born in Moldavia, began to study accordion in 2001 at the Academy for Music and Theatre in Chishinau. He won many prizes at competitions and graduated from the Munich Conservatoire of Music in 2009. He plays in various ensembles specialising in Eastern European music with Jazz influences e.g. Konnexion Balkon.

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Roman J. Chowdhury Roman Chowdhury (guitars),
German/Bangladeshi, studied guitar and composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. He writes music for film and theatre and amongst others he has performed with the legendary "Weather Girls".
As a DJ as well as a guitarist and songwriter he has been involved with the music of the South Asian diaspora for more than a decade. In 2008 he released his first solo album "You & Me".

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Tobias Schwartz Tobias Schwartz (double-bass),
born in Munich, studied E-bass, double-bass, arrangement and composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.
He became a member of the Georg Ringsgwandl Band at the start of 2009 and is active as a studio musician.